Official merch of Aelaan Bluewood - All shirts, hoodies etc will grant you +10 armour while you regenerate 200 HP from drinking out of one of the mugs. The bags and purses each have a capacity of 50 items. The pillows will grant you +20 attack during pillow fights and +5 armour when your abusive husband/wife hits you with a broken beer bottle. If your baby is wearing one of my bodysuits it will be useable as a battle pet and can deal 30 extra damage. (WARNING: Do not actually let your babies fight each other since their little squishy bodies aren't designed to withstand much pressure. Also, this clothing doesn't protect you from bullets, knife and other weapons that might successfully penetrate normal industrial fabric. Examples are nuclear weapons of any kind, medieval siege weapons, weapons from technologically similar or superior alien species, backstabbing friends who you thought you could trust but then they let you down.)
Motiv: Heavy Zip-Hoodie - Controller

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Heavy Zip-Hoodie - Controller

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Details zu dem Produkt: Heavy Zip-Hoodie
Build Your Brand - Heavy Zip Hoody
70% Baumwolle, 30% Polyester

Medium Fit

Dieser Heavy Hoody mit Reißverschluss von Build Your Brand bietet ein stylisches Design und bleibt bequem durch seinen innen angerauten Sweatstoff und seinen langen Schnitt. Mit zwei seitlichen Kängurutaschen, geteilt durch einen durchgehenden Reißverschluss. Weitere Details Set-In Ärmel, Rippenbund an Saum und Ärmel, Halbmond im Nacken und Nackenband betonen die Qualität dieses Hoodys.
- S (54cm*66cm)
- M (56cm*68cm)
- L (58cm*70cm)
- XL (60cm*72cm)
- XXL (64cm*73cm)
- 3XL (68cm*74cm)
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